Friday, May 6, 2016

[from my book journal] The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon

Romance is my thing, okay? I am alternately preachy, defensive, and apologetic about this series. This series has all the magical ingredients. Time travel, you guys. Highland Scots and Frenchmen and herbs and healing. Lots of lovely Gaelic. And I think Jamie and Claire do have one of the best love stories ever, because they grow old together. Even if there is a lot of the normal romance novel heaving and quivering interspersed with the adventure and the medicine. And the medicine is made all the better by it being makeshift/make-do, when a 20th century nurse gets sent back without the technology she’s used to. Pretty damn cool.

I’m still stuck in Outlander-land, though I’ve moved on to the Lord John stories. These are wildly inconsistent in length, by the way, ranging from ultra-short novellas (50 pages in iBooks) to full-length novels (700+ pages in iBooks). It's sort of a stop-and-go reading situation. You just gotta appreciate how believable Diana Gabaldon makes everything seem, like there aren't any details glaringly out of place. She’s probably really good at research and thinking things through.

The TV show is pretty good too! Even if book Jamie feels like William Wallace and tv show Jamie is suddenly a baby in comparison. And Claire is taller and thinner than I expected. I wanted a Melissa McCall-type person, I don't know why.

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